What does it Mean When it Says Service Tire Monitor System?

service tire monitor system

As the world is growing into advancement and having all the technical knowledge. So, human need is also dependent on technological things and gadgets. Similarly, there may be a problem with your tire  monitoring system  if your truck displays the notice Service Tire Monitor System.

Additionally, not heeding this warning could compromise the performance and safety of your truck. Fortunately, you can get immediate assistance for Tire Monitor System issues from mobile tire services and truck tire road service companies nearest tire shop. In this article, we’ll look at what Service Tire Monitor System is and how it can ease things for us.

What is Service Tire Monitor System?

The purpose of a tire monitoring system (Tire Monitor System) is to continuously collect information about the air pressure in your tire. . Furthermore, the device will flash a warning light on your dashboard if it determines that one of your wheels has low tire pressure. These systems are prone to a variety of possible problems, though. Therefore, they are known to develop problems over time.

Additionally, since tire monitoring systems are frequently mounted inside the tire, they could malfunction if you drive over a bad pothole or if the sensors are old. The service tire monitoring system warning light typically indicates that you need to repair problematic system parts in you nearest tire shop so that the system can continue to gather data as intended.

What does Service Tire Monitor System mean?

A service tire pressure monitoring system (Tire Monitor System) monitors your tires’ air pressure pressure. The device will flash a warning light on your dashboard if it believes your tires are under-inflated. But since they may be messed up in so many different ways, these systems are known to start having issues eventually.

Furthermore, most service tire monitoring systems are built into the tires, which could fail if you hit a big pothole or the sensors are too old. So, most of the time, when you see the Service Tire Monitoring System warning light, you must replace parts that aren’t working right so the system can keep gathering data as it should.

What Can Cause Service Tire Monitoring System Warning Light To Come On?

Battery Issues

All in-truck electronics are powered by the battery, which works with the alternator to provide power to all truck accessories constantly, but not the Tire Monitor System. This is because the Tire Monitor System is situated within the rim, and there is no effective way to connect the battery to the system.

This is why a Tire Monitor System sensor usually comes with a small battery, utterly independent of the truck’s main battery. As all batteries tend to discharge over time, the one found within the Tire Monitor System sensor housing will also die eventually. The average lifespan of a Tire Monitor System sensor battery is around 5-6 years.

Deflated tire 

The most frequent cause of the Tire Monitor System indicator turning on is underinflated tires. These devices are made to detect this because most tires gradually lose the ability to maintain correct tire pressure over time. Tire inflation and a restart of the vehicle will quickly cure this. In the same manner, the fault is probably not with your tires if the warning light stays on.

If you have a slow puncture, this may also occur. This is why you should always check your tires for damage whenever this light illuminates.

Faulty Sensors

As mentioned in the beginning, these Tire Monitor System tire sensors are also known to fail occasionally because they are constantly under stress, especially if you often drive on unpaved roads. Because they are situated directly on the inside of the rim, they are susceptible to increased vibrations.

Additionally, this is one of the most common reasons why the service Tire Monitor System light comes on, and it can easily be repaired by simply replacing the sensors. Tire Monitor System sensors should last 5-10 years, depending on how much driving you do.

Stubborn potholes

These sensors continually shake when driving because they are close to the ground. Because you ran over an aggressive pothole, they sometimes misinterpret the data they gather. Moreover, the tire sensor may be tricked into believing that such a powerful disturbance under inflates your tires.

However, restarting the vehicle usually solves this problem. If the problem still exists, it’s possible that the tire sensor has been harmed or that a blunt force contact is causing your tires to lose air.

Road Condition

The proximity of these sensors to the road causes them to be rocked continually when driving. As a result of your encounter with bad road conditions, such as aggressive potholes, they occasionally need to understand the data they are gathering. Such a potential disruption may trick your tires’ tire sensor into falsely believing that they are underinflated.

Typically, restarting the truck or trailer will fix this problem. Suppose the problem still exists; the tire sensor may have been broken, or your tires may lose air due to a direct blow.

How to Fix Service Tire Monitor System?

The best way to reset the Tire Monitor System light and service tire monitor system warning is to put your tire pressure to the recommended range, drive as usual for a while, switch the truck off, then turn it back on. After doing this, if the GM service tire monitor system warning remains on or is joined by a flashing Tire Monitor System light. It should not be attempted to be reset at home; instead, it needs to be professionally diagnosed and serviced at a Chevy-authorized service facility.

New tires must be installed in some cases, while sensors need to be changed in others. Even more serious electrical problems may occasionally bring it on. Moreover, trained professionals will still need to diagnose and fix it. It’s not a major problem, but getting it fixed as soon as you can is essential to maintaining the health of your vehicle.

What Does Service Tire Mobility Kit Mean?

The service tire mobility kit is defined as a tire repair kit or tire sealant kit, an innovative automotive product designed to cater to all the challenges of roadside emergencies caused by flat tires. In recent years, this compact and mobile kit has gained popularity as an alternative to traditional spare tires. Moreover, in the technical world, it is helping drivers with a convenient and effective way to deal with punctured or service truck tires on the go. 

If you get a flat, attach the inflator-kit hose to the tire’s valve stem. Then, turn on the unit and let it inject the sealant into the tire. Then you use the kit’s compressor to inflate the flat.

You don’t have to remove the tire, so using the kit doesn’t require the physical strength that changing a tire does. On the other hand, the kit doesn’t work if the puncture is larger than the size of a pencil eraser or is located on the sidewall. It will also do you no good if the tire is separated from the wheel.

What Does a Service Mobility Kit have?

  1. A jack capable of lifting the vehicle.
  2. A cross brace
  3. Two road signs
  4. A first-aid kit
  5. A fire extinguisher
  6. Two blocks to block the vehicle.
  7. Basic toolbox
  8. Spare tire
  9. Flashlight
  10. Prevention signs: in an equilateral triangle of at least 30 centimeters on each side, with red borders of at least five centimeters wide, in reflective material, with brackets to place them vertically.
  11. Fire extinguisher: with the minimum extinguishing capacities. 2B-C for cars, vans, and pickup trucks.
  12. First aid kit: it is recommended to have current antiseptics, a cutting element, cotton, sterile gauze, adhesive bandages, elastic bandage, analgesics, and soap.

How is the Tire Mobility Kit Serviced?

The service tire mobility kit sealant has an expiration date, which is why the warning light is on. It tells you to change the sealant to have it available when you need it. Your local Ford dealer can sell you a replacement if you remove the can and look up the part number. You can replace your kit after exchanging it so they can be used again.

Resetting the warning light is the last step. When you reach the option to reset the service tire mobility kit, scroll through the menu. Based on the new can of sealant’s expiration, choose when you want the warning light to alert you. When you exit the menu, you ought to be good to go. 

The emergency tool kit in the spare tire trunk is known as a service tire mobility kit. The roadside kit, as defined by law by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, is made up of many objects that are used to notify other drivers of an unusual condition on the road, such as a broken-down car, an accident, or a flat tire, among others. On the other hand, it also considers a few tools that, if needed, you may use to carry out simple repairs.

How to Reset Service Tire Monitor System?

Resetting the tire pressure indicator is the simplest way to fix your truck’s service monitor system. There are two ways to reset the system when the sensors occasionally need further assistance.

Driving for 10 minutes at highway speeds is the first step toward resetting tire pressure monitoring systems. The tire pressure warning light is supposed to go off when you start the truck again or after your current drive.

If the approach described above is unsuccessful, try to reset the Tire Monitor System light using the following steps.

Step 1: Switch on the ignition without running the engine.

Step 2: Locate the Tire Monitor System button, then press and hold it until your alert flashes/goes away.

Step 3: Drive for a while, stop, and start the truck again. Your monitor system is now fixed!

If the above methods don’t work, take your Tire Monitor System-equipped vehicle to a B&S truck repair shop and let the professionals handle the job.

What Should I Do When The Light Is On?

You could do a couple of things to resolve the issue. They include:

  • Check the tire pressure. If the pressure isn’t proper, you should quickly inflate the tire. But if it doesn’t resolve the issue, the problem lies within the system.
  • Check the sensors themselves for cracks or other damage. If damaged, they need to be replaced before driving on them again.
  • Call a mechanic if something other than those solutions works with mobile tire services. They’ll know what else might be causing this problem and will be able to help resolve it for good.

However, if none of the above works, the only way is to reset the Tire Monitor System system.

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Can I drive with the Light on my Tire Monitor System?

If you thoroughly examine your tires, you can continue to drive even while your Tire Monitor System light is on. You can still operate the vehicle even with this light on because several air pressure-unrelated factors frequently cause these systems to malfunction. Furthermore, if you do this, you should continuously check the pressure in your tires.

However, if your tire is under-inflated, you should only drive if necessary. You should search for a truck tire road service near me. It is possible for a tire to develop a slow puncture that releases air gradually occasionally, but this does not guarantee the tire’s safety.

Final words 

As soon as the “Service Tire Monitor System” warning appears, take action to ensure proper tire pressure. Moreover, maintain the performance and safety of your truck. By bringing tire help to you, mobile tire services and truck tire road service companies give practical answers. Depending on these services, you may have your Tire Monitor System issues quickly and expertly resolved, allowing you to drive again confidently.

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