Our Services

We are proffering all-inclusive semi and heavy truck repair services meeting the paradigms of standardization, affordability, and reliability.

Services We Offer

Truck Engine Repair

We are rendering factory-level and very inclusive Engine Repair and Replacement at B & S Truck Repair.

Truck Clutch Repair & Replacement

Our ASE Certified Mechanics are servicing well-gauged Truck Clutch Repair and Replacement.

Brake Repair Service

Our Brake Repair Services are designated for maximized Safety Paradigms of Semi and Heavy Duty Trucks.

Auto Electrical Repair

Auto Electric Repair Services at our Disposal are detrimental in disclosing detailed-perspective of the vehicle’s need for repair and replacement.


Our ASE Certified Experts run very detailed diagnostics for identifying the details concerning every major system of the vehicle.

Trailer Repair

Standard and Factory Level Trailer Repair stands by our Professional Services entailed by our ASE Certified Professionals.

Complete Safety Analysis

A Complete, detailed, and effective safety analysis of a vehicle gives better insights into the need for repair and replacement. Our analyses are very thorough.

Truck Preventative Maintenance & Inspection

Truck Preventative Maintenance & Inspection by our ASE Certified Professionals give all-inclusive details about the contemporary dynamics of the vehicle.

Tire Repair Service

B & S Proffers Tire Repair and Replacement Services in Fort Worth with very affordable service paradigms for semi and heavy-duty trucks.

Mufflers and Exhaust Systems

We are servicing Mufflers and Exhaust Systems as per the viable mandate of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Steering and Suspensions

We are exclusively servicing pertaining to standard Steering and Suspension at B & S Truck Repair Shop.

Truck Parts

We are dealing in Factory-level and Original Truck Parts along with standard Truck Repair and Replacement.

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