How Long Do EV Tires Last?

EV Tires

With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs), several trucking firms are expanding the number of their vehicles to include electric trucks. Knowing how EV tires differ from conventional rubber tires is essential to make this move. Tires designed particularly to maximize EV performance are necessary for electric trucks due to their distinct torque generation and heavy-lifting requirements. We’ll contrast EV tires with regular truck tires in this blog. The benefits of electric vehicle tires, how their construction and structure increase economy, and important considerations for maximizing mileage will all be covered. 

Knowing EV tires for trucks can guarantee that you receive the most significant value out of the money you spend, whether you’re looking for accessories for your first electrical truck or switching your entire fleet of diesel vehicles to electric. At B&S  Truck Repairs, we provide professional, exceptionally best EV tire shop installation and truck maintenance. Depending on the model, duty cycle, and operating circumstances of your electric vehicle, our team will ensure you receive the best tires. By reading on, understand why EV tires are essential and how they vary from conventional tires to get the best handling, safety, and fuel efficiency out of your electric vehicle.

How Long Do EV Tires Last?

The longer lifespan of electric tires helps to justify their greater starting price. Compared to conventional tires, EV tires have a 30–40% greater tread longevity. The reasons for their longer service life are multiple:

  • Lower resistance to acceleration compounds reduces tread degradation over many kilometers.
  • Exterior walls with reinforcement fend against curbing erosion.
  • Increased resistance to blows and punctures is achieved via a stiffer structure.

A decent set of electric vehicle tires should last forty thousand to eighty thousand miles, as opposed to a lifespan of 30,000 miles for standard tires suitable for all seasons, provided that the right pressure on the tires and orientation are kept up to date. Optimizing their lifespan can be accomplished by changing them after 5,000–8,000 miles. During the life of the electric truck, purchasing EV tires will pay for itself in reduced tire changes.

How Much Do EV Tires Cost?

The cost of EV tires is typically 20–30% more than that of regular commercial vehicle tires. Compared to ordinary tires, which cost between $200 and $300, electric vehicle tires should cost between $250 and $350 for each tire. The increased price reflects the distinctive components and technology used to maximize the lifetime and efficiency of EV tires. Nonetheless, the expenditure is justified by the fuel reductions and longer service life. When accounting for the extended lifespan of EV tires, the overall tire expense per mile over the entire operational miles is minor compared to conventional tires. We at B&S Truck Repairs assist fleets in locating the best-value electric tires to suit their demands and finances.

Best Low-Rolling Resistance Tires for Electric Trucks

For EV tires on trucks, reducing rolling resistance is crucial to maximizing the range of the vehicle. Among the essential elements that lower rolling resistance are:

  • Experts recommend being aware of rolling resistance when it comes to increasing range on electric vehicles, just like they do with their internal combustion counterparts.
  • rigid sidewalls to reduce deformation while under load
  • Improvements to tread layout, including as pitch sequencing and dynamic ribbing
  • Silica-based materials to reduce friction
  • less tread depth than on standard truck tires

Using leading manufacturers, our staff can suggest the best low-rolling, lasting electric vehicle tires for your electric trucks. Your truck model, use, and weather conditions affect the ideal tire. We guarantee the perfect fit with our EV tire specialists.

Comparing EV vs. Regular Tires.

EV tires vs regular tires Besides using specialist materials and designs, EV tires are frequently constructed lighter than conventional truck tires. Lower tire weight increases effectiveness and range since it uses fewer resources for turning the wheels. The majority of EV tires are 15–25% lighter than typical commercial vehicle tires. Even though they are a few pounds lighter, tires that can support huge loads can be necessary. Our experts will assist you in choosing electric tires that have the right lightness and durability for the freight requirements of your vehicle.


EV Tires 

  • Less noise dampening, hence lighter in weight.
  • Reduced Rolling Resistance
  • More expensive
  • Are less available because of new technology

Regular Tires

  • Heavier in weight due to noise-dampening
  • Have high Rolling Resistance. 
  • 20% less expensive
  • They are readily available and have a wide range of varieties.

EV Tires for Improved Traction and Handling

For big electric vehicles, EV tires are designed to offer strong grip and control along with sustainability. Characteristics comprise:

  • traction-enhancing design of tread with multiple siping for all-weather situations
  • rigid side barriers that fend off stresses from abrupt bends when cornering
  • Modern compounding for minimal stopping distances regardless of being entirely overloaded.
  • For traction on icy or snowy surfaces, materials retain their flexibility.

Electric vehicles’ instantaneous high torque might be difficult for regular tires to manage. Acquiring specially designed EV tires for trucks offers the efficiency to fully utilize the potential of an electric vehicle while maintaining stability and security.

Do EVs Require Special Tires?

Compared to conventional vehicles, electric vehicles exhibit distinct behaviors. Not only are they somewhat heavier, but they also accelerate with far more torque. They must thus be fitted with tires that are specially made to satisfy these specifications.

Nowadays, it’s common to find tires made specifically for electric trucks but also all kinds of trucks, with various characteristics that improve EV performance. They reduce road noise, boost EV range, and manage the increased weight and torque.

What Makes EV Tires Unique?

Tires for electric vehicles are made to meet the special needs that EVs have. These are the main distinctions between tires for electric vehicles and tires.

Extra Weight Can Be Supported By EV Tires

Traditional automobiles are lighter than electric ones. The battery alone, which may weigh up to 1,000 pounds, is mostly to blame for this. EV tires are made to provide increased structural support to accommodate the increased weight. Installing normal tires on an electric vehicle (EV) might cause the tires to lose their form and wear out more quickly, which can make handling more challenging.

EV Tires Can withstand Extra Torque

Regular automobiles lack the torque that electric vehicles do. You’ve undoubtedly noticed how rapidly an EV accelerates if you’ve ever driven one. EV tires must provide higher levels of traction to prevent slippage. Typically, extensive center rib patterns are used to achieve this. Regardless of the weather, an EV with this tire can accelerate rapidly without losing traction.

EV Tires Noise Levels Are Lower

Electric vehicle tires are much quieter than regular tires because they frequently have sound-absorbing foam installed. This is not how standard tires are made; the engine muffles any noise they produce. Since normal tires are not recommended for electric vehicles, you will probably notice a substantial increase in noise. Electric vehicles are meant to be as quiet as possible.

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The components and specialist engineering used in electric vehicle tires maximize load management, momentum, coefficient of friction, and lifespan. Low-friction tread substances, rigid sidewalls, reduced weight, and enhanced manufacturing are some of the main ways these tires vary from standard truck tires. Although the best EV tires have a small initial cost premium, hundreds of service kilometers will more than compensate for that expense. Having the appropriate electric tires for your vehicle type, use, and usual loads can increase energy efficiency and the distance you can travel between charges.

Our EV tire experts at B&S Truck Repairs can offer professional installation and advice on the best tires for your requirements. To fully use the exceptional performance possibilities of electric trucks, specially designed EV tires are necessary as these vehicles become more common. Our goal is to assist firms in switching to electric trucks by helping customers choose EV tires, maximizing their benefits, and minimizing any risks associated with using regular tires. Get in touch with us right now to enable you to drive electric trucks equipped with long-lasting tires.

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