Do You Hear The Truck Service Problems?

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Truck drivers are the lifeblood of the State’s economy; they are the unsung heroes that propel our economy ahead. Regardless of their economic importance, truck drivers and truck repair services confront several challenges, mainly when new to the field. Let’s have a look at the most common issues experienced by truck drivers in Texas and how you might address them as a vehicle owner/logistics services provider. Below are the common truck service problems that everybody has to hear.

1. Sub-standard vehicle conditions

Trucks seldom exceed 60 km/h, yet they were responsible for roughly 22,637 deaths in 2019. Poor driving is frequently thought to be the primary cause of accidents. They are, however, disregarding another critical factor: inadequate vehicle maintenance which includes engine repair. One of the most severe issues confronting Truck owners is sometimes missing the state of their trucks to optimize their return on investment. This can be costly if your cars break down in the middle of delivery and your customer never returns to you for another consignment.

As a truck transportation service provider, make sure your trucks are serviced regularly. The long-term value of well-maintained vehicles surpasses the short-term costs of maintenance. Every time the trucks go for a lengthy journey, do a quick inspection.

2. A lack of security

The state highways, as well as those linking villages and small towns, are in poor shape. They can harm the vehicle and the drivers’ health, making their lives more difficult. The driving conditions in Texas are made considerably worse by the weather.

Always plan the journey carefully, especially considering the routes and weather conditions, to ensure that truck drivers travel safely on difficult highways or if you are planning to do the clutch repair. Tell the drivers not to deviate from the specified routes for their safety. Give them stringent guidelines, such as moving in groups, avoiding night-time travel, and carefully selecting stay points.

3. Failure to keep braking systems in good working order

Each time a commercial truck’s braking system is engaged, it is subjected to extreme stress and strain. When a car is fully loaded, the brakes must bring an 80,000-pound vehicle to a complete stop at highway speeds. A brake system malfunction might result in the truck’s complete braking failure, causing it to ram into the cars in front of it. Brakes repair should be examined for any problems before starting any journey because a single failure might result in a tragedy.

4. Failure to Keep Lights and Blinkers in Working Order

A truck merging or changing lanes without offering an appropriate warning to vehicles in neighboring lanes is the cause of many truck accidents. If the trailer’s blinkers and lights are broken or not working, drivers will have an even harder time detecting a vehicle attempting to change lanes. Every day, truck drivers should check to determine whether all of their blinkers are operating correctly. Trailer lights can be examined less often, but they should be changed as soon as they go out.

5. There are no underride rails Installed

Underride accidents are those in which a smaller vehicle is pushed beneath the trailer of a semi-truck. Underride rails guard rails that prevent automobiles from entering the gap. There is no justification for carelessness if no underride rails are placed and an underride accident occurs. The truck driver and the trucking business should have recognized that the rails may assist prevent a truck collision and should have fitted them before the trailer was utilized again.

6. Issues that arise during travel

Truck drivers must go through numerous states in Texas, passing through multiple checkpoints along the way. The officials stationed at these checkpoints may be very harsh on truck drivers, especially those unfamiliar with the local rules. Because the drivers are the ones who are really on the roads, they are frequently subjected to harassment by authorities, which might result in the truck being completely stopped.

Ensure that your truck drivers are aware of the various state entry-exit rules. Allowing them to fend for themselves at checkpoints might end up causing more harm to you than to them. It’s your cargo on the truck, and you must make sure it arrives on time.

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7. Insufficient remuneration

A typical truck driver earns between $15,000 and $20,000 per month. Worst of all, it’s never paid on time. Given their poor health due to long hours at work and increased expenditure on food and medicine, the money would be in the single digits by the end of the month after truck repairing services. As a result, most drivers become dissatisfied with their jobs and quit. This contributes to the industry’s driver scarcity. Truckers may make a good living by enrolling with a reputable online load booking platform.

Pay your drivers fairly, but more importantly, pay them on time if you manage a truck transportation services company. Building a positive relationship with truck drivers might keep them from defecting to your competition. There is already a severe scarcity of excellent drivers, and it is your job to hold on to the available ones.

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